Along with climbing, the club's association with caving goes back to its roots with Puttrell and his contemporaries. At the time exploring the limits of many of the area's finest caves, our earliest members were amongst the first in Derbyshire to pursue caving as a sport in its own right.

Arguably, the club's finest achievement came in 1934. When after 4 long years of digging, members finally broke through the restricted 'Narrows' in Nettle Pot to discover one of the Peak's most popular vertical caves. Including the very fine Elizabeth Shaft. 

Today the club retains a very active group of cavers, who usually meet on various weekday evenings throughout the year, caving or digging within the Peak. This group is then joined by the slightly more sensible members for the Sunday and Weekend Meets, where they'll normally tick off a classic sport trip within the area (depending on the location).

The club's current underground projects are largely based close to our hut in Stoney Middleton. With Stoney Dale and the surrounding area having a large chunk of cave system still missing from the survey. 

If you are a caver, and would like to join us, visit the Contact page for details.