With Jimmy Puttrell as a founder member (arguably the instigator of modern climbing within Britain), climbing remains an important part of the club's identity.

Based in Derbyshire, most of the club’s climbing takes place on the limestone and gritstone edges of the Peak. From March through to October we meet every Wednesday evening to climb at a wide range of the area's many popular (and some less popular!) crags, moving on to a different venue each week. This is invariably followed by a pint or two at a local pub.

But we don’t just limit ourselves to the Peak. Our weekend meets away stretch from Cornwall to Scotland. With North Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes being visited regularly. This ensures we get to climb on a mixture of rock types, in various settings - from roadside outcrop to multi-pitch mountain crag.

In the winter, some of the climbers ditch their climbing gear and join the cavers in their subterranean pursuits. But many continue after the clocks have changed, meeting up at one of Sheffield’s numerous climbing walls – usually on a Wed evening.

If you are a climber, and would like to join us, visit the Contact page for details.