14/10/17 - Rob and I stayed at the hut Friday night in an attempt to get an alpine start on the Saturday, but squeezing in a fryup, forgetting wetsuit socks and general faffing meant we didn’t rumble along the Titan track until after 10.

There was just the two of us again today, and after dropping Titan we shuffled through the boulder choke with 2 bags of rope and the drill. Having left RotV rigged, progress up to Balcombe’s Way now feels very quick and we were soon eyeing up the last remaining aven/rift above the RotV traverse line. Moose had mentioned a potential way on he’d spotted in the roof during his extended traverse over to Salmon’s Cavern and our hope was that this may intercept the same feature, given its relative proximity, and save us having to repeat his traverse - or at least part of it.

We’d noticed a black void at the highest point in the rift on our last trip, and despite our best efforts with our torches on megabeam, couldn’t make out a top - so we hoped for the best and decided to have a look. I didn’t pick the most sensible line up the wall and I struggled over a few bulges before the going eased as I was able to enter the rift proper. I took a rather wandering line and ended up doing a back to front question mark, managing 15 bolts on 1 battery which seemed pretty reasonable. Other than sending a head sized rock bouncing down towards Rob, which I’d managed to detach from the wall whilst leaning back to see how best to avoid another rock, everything went without too much drama. Unfortunately, at around 20m, the rift pinched in just beyond the void we could see from below and it soon became too tight to make any more vertical progress.

We thought about making a start on Moose’s traverse, but were running low on bolts and decided to have an early finish, seeing as we’d be back again tomorrow anyway. So we sorted the gear for the next day and slipped off down RotV. Despite Rob snapping his footloop part way up the entrance shaft (he must've been producing Tony Martin levels of power) we were out pretty quick and emerged into a rather nice autumnal afternoon. So much so, that we stopped partway along the track and ate the remainder of our food like a couple of pensioners out for an afternoon drive. (Mike, Rob)