28/11/16 - Rob was wandering round Stoney in April and came across a rift in the top bench of a certain quarry with a howling draught emanating from it. It was like opening a windy fridge. Looking through CotPD, it's not clear if it's an upper link to 'Creep Cave' (buried), one of the 'Farnlesy Lane Quarry Caves' (also buried), or something entirely different. Over the course of about 7 trips, some accompanied but mostly solo, Rob excavated the rift to a depth of about 4m through soil and boulders. It was now getting to the stage where some shoring was required so Rob, Ed and Glyn returned tonight to make the place a bit safer. (Rob, Ed, Glyn)

04/12/16 – An  evening trip after a quick climb on Curbar. Hauled out a dozen buckets or so then set to work on the boulder which was blocking the way into the continuation of the rift at the back. Block removed and Rob squeezed through into the new section where again more boulders are blocking the way on. Could jinx it by saying it, but there looks to be something interesting coming up. Either a small chamber or a passage intersecting at 90 degrees. We’ll see... (Rob, Mike)

05/12/16 - Rob and I arrived just after 6 and got to work on the large fin shaped boulder blocking the way on. Ed then arrived and watched, frustrated, as I made a right hash of trying to bash the plug and feathers with my left hand. After a while, Rob took over and made a much better job of it, breaking the initial boulder and the one behind it into manageable sizes he could just about lift above his head and pass back to me at the bottom of the shored section. Glyn then turned up just in time, as rock after rock was hauled out. Just before 9, Rob managed to squeeze through the gap and into the tantalizing space we'd seen on the night before and found himself in a short mine level. Left led almost immediately to a forefield and right, after about 10m, led to a choke of earth and rubble where the quarry intersected it. We all squeezed through and set to work making the interface with the mine and rift a bit safer, largely by deploying Glyn and his capping skills to dispatch of a few ominous looking boulders. It appears we've found ourselves in the formerly lost  "large blind mine level"  described under 'Farnsley Lane Quarry Caves' in CotPD. It's a shame we didn't intersect the large phreatic passage also described, but the draught continues down from within the rift, so we'll be back at some point! (Rob, Ed, Mike, Glyn).

11/12/16 – A quick trip after doing some work at the hut. Rob and I climbed back down into the mine level and had a look at what’s what. Spent an hour so having a dig in the floor where the rift intersects the level and began removing some boulders from further into the rift. However, the place feels a bit dodgy, particularly the large bastion of fractured rock on the left side of the rift as you look up. Digging down from here will essentially mean undermining this section, and that’s something we really don’t fancy doing.  We decided it’s probably best/safer to start digging down from the base of the scaff board, back up in the rift proper. (Mike, Rob)

15/12/16 – Three of us back on Thursday and we continued down from the bottom of the scaff boards in the hope of bypassing the dodgy mine level we found last week. Rob set to work digging out the compact soil and I hauled at the top of the rift before passing the buckets out to Sampo outside. We dug for about 2 hours before Ed was sent down to demolish some of the larger rocks that were too big to haul up and we left about 10ish. Will take another trip or two to get back down to the level of the mine, but the draught is still strong. Fairly easy digging, if a bit awkward, but it’s nice to be dry and not covered in White Rake gloop for a change. (Ed, Rob, Mike)

22/12/16 - Back in numbers for a last Christmas dig. Sampo set to with his wall on the surface, Sam hauled at the top and Rob and I dug down at the base of the rift. A few blocks broken and and more soil brought out, we decided to dig out the full length of the rift from the scaff board to the mine entrance in order to find the widest part. After a while Rob and I worked our way towards the mine level and Sampo and Sam came down to dispatch of a few blocks at the scaff end of the rift. It got pretty cosy. (Rob, Ed, Sam, Mike)

05/01/17 – Back to the rift on a cold frosty night. We had 2 at the bottom again, with McBain hauling and Sampo walling outside. Although it didn’t take long before I found myself back in the mine level again, as trying to dig beneath the scaff board was just getting too tight, and Rob soon joined me. We ended up pulling out rocks and soil from the widest part, just as the rift connects with the mine and we made reasonable progress lying horizontally and scooping bits out with one arm. McBain soon squeezed his way down through the rift and joined us, shortly followed by Ed – grateful for the warmth. The 4 of us then spent the next hour taking turns and managed to dig out about 2m worth which takes us beneath the level of the mine. However, it’s not looking promising now, it’s too tight to dig without real effort and the floor has become compact earth – rather than rocks and the last thing we want to do it undermine the big bastian of rock holding the roof up. Might have to knock it on the head and move on to more promising things for now. (McBain, Ed, Rob, Mike)