19/03/13 - Entrance to the tube was completely full of water again – proper miserable pond, not very pleasant! So we dug out the bottom end of the parallel tube. Turns out a dam was built by Tom Proctor. We uncovered bags of plastic filled with silt (which I moved) Ed uncovered some small boulders (which he moved). This now allows the stream to flow freely through the parallel stream passage in front of the tube. No more muddy shitty pool! Ed then began to work on his canal project as a means to keep warm. In the tube, the silt was removed revealing a vadose trench for a few metres as far as a crossroads. Beyond this the trench disappears and the passage becomes much tighter with minimal silt to remove, but enlarges again further on. Left hand branch at the cross roads looks larger and maybe where trench continues?). I left via lower, Rob and Ed via upper. Lower much quicker! Christened the tube ‘Born Slippy’, largely because of the way you have to exit the tube by sliding down into the Streamway, covered in goo. Here’s hoping the tube gets “lager, lager, larger”. (Mike, Rob, Ed)