26/03/13  - Day attack on Born Slippy. Met up and had breakfast at Outside (and ate way too much). There was so much snow we couldn't park in the usual layby so had to get changed in the hut, then jump into Ed’s landy. Water level average. Felt terrible for the first hour or so, had no energy at all. Think my body was still trying to deal with a massive fryup. Ed continued to clear the high level streamway (parallel tube), now unrecognisable compared to early visits. Proctor’s dam is now completely gone and the stream flows freely down past the dig tube without pooling – now quite pleasant. In the tube progress was good. Made it past the compression by the false floor (later removed by Ed and a big rock) and into kink. Rob managed to move a small boulder blocking the way before I then made some progress beyond. Rob later managed to get drag tray in and made further progress. Passage reasonable size beyond squeeze, but certainly not spacious. Next trip should see whether it’s a goer or not. Passage seems to be gently descending.  Still no draught and felt out of breath at dig face. Rob and Ed left via Upper, me via Lower – had to dig out through the snow exiting lower entrance, which was pretty surreal!. Entered 10.30am got back to the Hut at 4.30pm. Frozen. Rob caught cave-blindness and now has a duff left eye. Everyone knackered. (Mike, Rob, Ed)