04/04/13 - Rob did first stint and made a couple of feet, but quickly got very cold. Dig face now full with gloopy water making it very cold and very awkward to dig as silt falls into the water and instantly dissolves creating more gloop. Trying to dig it out whilst keeping it dry was awkward. Stacked spoil in tube from previous trip had turned to sludge and slid back into passage, making it even more unpleasant. I took over after about 20mins and did a long stint making reasonable progress. Tried to bail water, but gave up, decided to push on through – but it’s steadily getting deeper and may become more of a problem as tube is pushed further. Pretty unpleasant. Pushed it to a gentle right-hand bend. Looks to be quite small, but the floor seems to be steadily dropping and silt levels increasing, so hopefully shouldn’t be too bad once excavated. Ed was on the other end of drag tray – but rope became too short making it awkward for him. Rob made boulder wall on spoil heap in the main streamway to keep warm. Spent most of the time out of breath at digface, the air must get a bit thick. We all entered via lower, and left via lower. Going in via lower felt more awkward!  Ed demolished a record 6 bags of crisps in the Miners. John Beck knows a lot of Beatles lyrics. (Rob, Mike, Ed)