11/04/13 - Quite wet tonight. Messed up the squeeze into Nervous Breakdown and got soaked through before even reaching the dig. Dig face water logged again. First 15mins pretty grim before managing to remove most of silty water and slop. Water pouring quite heavily in through bedding plane into stream tube making it hard to communicate to me at the digface. Encouraging to find that the floor dropped quite a bit making the continuation a bit roomier than initially thought. Still snug though. Got to quite a restricted section, but roof can be seen to step up a bit about a foot in front - so will hopefully reach that on next trip. Rob and Ed emptied dragtrays and busied themselves making the 'Dragon's Nest'. The silt is now well walled up in its own reinforced fort in the streamway. Dig now 12.2m in. (Measured from corner point where our tube enters parallel stream tube). Ed attempted to measure, but couldn't get through thre initial compression at 6m and kept dropping the tape. This wasn't at all hilarious. Rob measured instead and spotted a block further ahead in tube with his super torch. Met other people down there for first time, entered from lower entrance but couldn't get through Nervous Breakdown – obviously too fat for Streaks. We all came in through top, I exited by lower as usual. Rob and Ed via top and Ed knocked down stemple again nearly knocking Rob out in the process. John Beck says the tube wasn't surveyed properly - only grade 1. Explains why we never found the chicane! (Mike, Rob, Ed)