18/04/13 - No Rob so got there at 5. Managed to stay reasonably dry getting into Nervous Breakdown this time. But made the mistake of not emptying my wellies before entering tube. As the tube gently descended all the welly water flowed up into my undersuit – so I got drenched in the end anyway. Idiot. Despite this, managed a good session. 2.5 hours spent alone in the tube, managed to get out 17 trays. Ed was on pulling/listening duty, Syd was filling up the Dragon’s Nest (when not occupying himself with humming and whistling). No breathing problems this time (took lid off lower entrance – not sure if this helps or not?) Made a body length and bit. Fill was very deep for a metre so forward progress wasn’t super fast. Back into a reasonably low section making digging awkward, and about a metre from reaching block/slab that has fallen across the tube. Looks to be a small gap to the left, but will have to be shifted to get beyond it. Covered in shells and has flat side, just like the blocks in Nervous Breakdown. Perhaps a block from a small breakdown chamber? Defiantly fallen from a height as it’s taken off part of the tube with it as it fell. Will find out next time! I exited tube, quite cold. Syd then went in for a look, and struggled with the compression on way out. Ed still not gone through! Me and Syd left via Lower, Ed via Upper. (Mike, Ed, Syd)