22/04/13 - Took about an hour to remove the remaining silt to reach the block. Took hoe up with me, which made it much easier (why didn’t I do this earlier???) Also excavated wide area to the right to give a bit more space for the inevitable squirming of legs when we try and pass the constriction. Managed to remove a fin shaped block (part of the left side of the tube that had been detached) this now enables you to just squeeze a head through the gap. Pulled it all the way out with me – hard work. Where was Ed! Silted beyond and can’t really see what’s going on. Will return next time with a hammer/chisel to try and take the end off the main block to get through. Unfortunately drag tray keeps getting stuck in a wall slot further back, so sacrificed the tin to fill it in. (Didn’t work!) Rob worked really hard, emptying tray and taking it out into the Dragon's Nest on his own. Made it harder for himself by not unclipping the tray, and emptied it into Pinky by hand whilst in the tube (Ed wasn’t there to supervise him). Now 14m in – showing that I have no sense of scale or distance when digging in the tube. Thought we’d made a good 4m since the last time we measured, apparently not! Block is a bit of a mystery. Both out via lower. (Mike, Rob)