25/04/13 - Ed bailed on us again – so just the elite crew. Got passed block! Managed to chisel protruding end of the block, then remove a head sized block at floor level beyond. Did this by lying on my back and levering the block out of the silt. Then slid it halfway out for Rob to take it the rest of the way. (Got a big blob of shit in my eye whilst chiselling. Mud apparently goes everywhere when you hit a muddy chisel with a muddy hammer.) Could then excavate the section between large block and the passage to allow you to squeeze through on your left side. Can now see it’s quite clearly a cross rift, unfortunately not of any significant size. Dug a foot beyond into continuation of tube. Unfortunately it appears to be quite tight for the foreseeable future. Now only trowel height (about 20cm?), really hope the floor drops again soon. Silt now even higher, minimal air space. No more than an inch. Confused now as to whether it’s an inlet or outlet. Who knows? Air got quite bad towards the end, was constantly out of breath. 2 hours seems to be the max time you can spend down there, began to get a bit dim witted towards the end. Tray keeps getting jammed still! Fingers crossed the tube opens out again. Exited via lower entrance in under 15mins. (Mike, Rob)