29/04/13 - Eventful night! Rob forgot his kneepads... and I ended up in A&E. Toughest session yet. Very awkward to dig the entrance to the tight section, couldn’t get on my front to begin with so had to lie on my left side and dig with my right arm. Nearly impossible to dig the left side of the passage, and only possible by putting my arm over my head. Eventually made space to get on my front, thankfully the block has the perfect groove at floor level to fit your hips in. Fill very deep, and only an inch of airspace, but luckily the floor continued to descend. Once I was on my front, progress was much faster, but very tiring. Had to dig out, then drag loose spoil back several feet, flip back onto my side then fill the drag dray which was back on the other side of the block.

Got more and more knackered, and air got pretty thick, but was determined to get to end of tight section as I could see the roof step up. Eventually made it on last go, squeezed through the tight section and just managed to squeeze my head through above silt. Roof opens up beyond for short distance looking more rift-like (possibly kneeling height - wishful thinking? YES). Was in the tube for over 3 hours and pushed myself way too hard. Felt knackered and flopped out into stream, exhausted. I left via lower entrance, Rob and Ed via top, and they made it out first – shows how slow I was. My exit wasn’t helped by Rob pinning me to the floor with a large branch as I tried to climb out. In the pub I began to feel much worse. Headache, faint, nauseous and short of breath. Left after 15min and got worse on drive home, Rob had to take over as my hands were becoming useless with pins and needles (pins and needles in my tongue too!). At A&E I could no longer walk, arms folded in like a crab and couldn’t move hands or arms. Once I’d sat down, I couldn’t stand again as my legs went the same way. Must've looked very special. Got wheeled into bed bay and had to wait 2 hours for the doctor, by which time my breathing and muscles returned to normal. I think the problem was just spending far too long in the tube, and over exerting myself. Towards the end my breathing must have become really erratic. I was breathing very fast shallow breaths as the CO2 built up and by the time I’d gotten out I had quite a bit of CO2 in my system and my breathing just continued in the same fast shallow ineffective style. In the car I began hyperventilating and it just got worse from there. Know what to look out for now, so definitely wiser! Lesson learned. Don't be an idiot. (Mike, Rob, Ed)