08/05/13 - Took it easy tonight. Spent 1.5 hours in tube. Air felt a little heavier towards the end, but no real breathing problems. Awkward digging again, kept having to drag loose spoil back 2 metres to other side of block before getting it into tray. Eventually managed to get tray up to digface, and up above silt. This made it much easier, but still have to reverse back to block before Rob can pull it out – so progress pretty slow. Made a foot or two. Can now get upper body out of flat-out section and into the “kneeling height” part of the passage. This wishful thinking turned out to be bollocks of course. Fooled again! Passage continues beyond and seems to bend slightly to the left. Can see ~2m, and air space is low, fill getting deeper. Will have to break some straw stal at some point. Rob went in after to measure. Doesn’t like it! Now at 16m. Water level very low. (Mike, Rob)