23/06/13 - Rob on Honeymoon. Been raining loads over past few days, but streamway was bone dry until NB. Must be all the vegetation? Took down new dragtray and took Old Faithful out. Measured up to left hand bend at 17m then made ~1m progress onwards to the left. Pretty fast progress with the hoe, but tray keeps getting snagged in the usual places. In there for 1.5 hours this time, and felt fine leaving, despite feeling hungover from the night before. About a foot shy of reaching the straw stal. Fill still getting deeper, looks like it may reach the roof further on, difficult to see what’s happening as the air space is so low. More importantly though, finally managed to turn round! Just possible at the left-hand bend by rolling up into a foetal position and getting your legs out round the bend in front. Makes it so much easier to exit, and nice to see the tube from a different perspective. You really notice the tube going up hill on the way out.  Now ~18m in. (Mike, Ed)