30/10/13 - Still super wet. Headed down Carlswark first to check out potential dig near Shag’s Sump. Climbed down Eyam Dale shaft only to find Big Dig sumped. Very high stream flowing. Went downstream as far as Rift Sump. Then checked out old SUSS dig back upstream. Made dam out of sandbags to divert water into it. Worked really well, but had to take it down as Rob bottled it - thought we were going to sump ourselves in and/or flood stoney dale. Then walked up to Streaks and tried to get to Born Slippy via lower entrance. Got as far as Mouse Hole to find streamway completely sumped! Eerily quite. Headed back, to find what we presumed was final sump the same height as we saw in summer. JB thinks this has now become a perched sump, making access to the final sump now inaccessible that way. Mystery. Then went to Nickergrove. Went in adit entrance as far as collapse in main level. Then climbed down into lower entrance, up the 2 short pitches then down the bottom half of the main shaft to recently re-opened timbered shaft into streamway. Climbed down it to find this also sumped at bottom of shaft. Water obviously very high! JB thinks this must be the same body of water we found at Mouse hole. All same level. Fun night! (Mike, Rob)