12/11/13 - Upper entrance. Rob continued to clear choked stones from 1st duck via muddy tube and managed to lower water level enough to allow reasonable access to Nervous Breakdown. Lowered it by at least 2 inches so it should now be much more pleasent in anything but high water. 2nd duck however was the highest we’ve seen, wouldn’t want it any higher for sure. Tricky getting spade, hoe, tray and sandbags through. (Might have inadvertently made this higher by lowering the first!) Vast amount of water flowing past Dragon’s Nest and Born Sippy – the vadose trench in Born Slippy had been flowing as high as the compression – really clean. Didn’t go further, wonder what beyond is like? Headed for silted main tube at junction. I climbed rift to roof – full of hanging death, traversed across, no obvious way on but does draught upwards.

We then built a training wall to divert water into downstream blocked passage, made it narrow to make water run fast. Cleared exit to allow water to escape. On way out built dam over main streamway to divert more water into it. Crazy high water and very fast flowing as far down as Donkey Dong. Exit via lower. Will have to return and build training wall/dam proper with the sandbags and possibly use a pipe to force water deeper. Good trip! (Rob, Mike)