27/11/13 - Rob came with me halfway to try and fill in bedding area on bend where dragtray keeps getting jammed. Took 3 loads to fill it. Seems to have worked reasonably well, but not a longterm solution as most of it had already fallen back into the passage by the time I exited. Definitely not a good idea to have 2 people in there for any length of time, Rob seemed to act like a plug, couldn’t hear the streamway at all whilst he was in (stream still very loud/quite high) and CO2 must build up much quicker with two. Digface not as bad as I remembered it. Must have been downhearted about going from a relatively large space back into a small space. In reality continuation doesn’t seem to be smaller than anything yet come across. Although does now seem to be going up hill, or at least levelling off. Came across a very defined step up in the floor, however. Could make the next section quite uncomfortable if it doesn’t start sloping down hill. We’ll see. Ed spent time testing his neofleece by working Sampo’s Canal into the blocked passage. Needs a good lot of rain to make proper progress. (Mike, Rob, Ed)