04/12/13 - Rob bought pump off ebay and 30m of hosepipe which we took down. Installed it into Born Slippy as far right-angled bend. Works really well! Rob and Ed took turns pumping, and it seems to actually draw air through the tube and out, creating a tiny draught. Seems to have solved the air problem as was in there for about 2.5 hours with no issues, although the draught has now made it quite cold. Gained a hoe and half in length. Reached another very obvious bend to the left. Looks to be heading proper West now, although I could see what looks to be another bend to the right further on, here’s hoping it goes back north again! Still not able to get tray beyond the step up in the bedding and still having to reverse back to the turning bend each time with the tray before it can be pulled out. Looks like someone might have to be stationed there in the future, unless we can think of another way of getting the tray out around the bends. Rob and Ed were visited by two cavers from Bolton who’d come in from the top entrance to do the through the trip. Caught Ed alone hidden behind the Dragon’s Nest bashing away at the pump. Thought he was some kind of cave pervert. Must be ~20m in now? (Mike, Rob, Ed)