11/12/13 - Tough night. Stream not flowing until after NB. Tried to find squeeze into the open area where I found the bouldery rift several months ago. Thought it was via the small stream passage that overflows into the Born Slippy bedding. Found a boulder blocking it, is this the wrong place, where the hell did I go, have I gone mental? Mystery. Had a long session at the dig, still having to reverse to the turning bend each time to send and receive the tray, pretty knackering crawling back and forth. Digface now really tricky, very tight (squeeze) into a passage which seems to be split. Left floor is ascending, whilst right is descending. At limit of what I can reach with the hoe, not really possible to go in deeper and dig as it’s too tight to move arms and head. Might have to bring in the monster hoe and give that a try. Probably about a hoe length from the right-hand bend. Really hope it dips again and gets a bit bigger. Next trip will be very slow and difficult. Not looking forward to it. Will need someone stationed at the turning bend soon. Moved DeWalt lunchbox up to 2nd bend. (Mike, Rob, Ed)