19/12/13 - Another tough night. Only two of us this time, as Ed was out singing like a proper Sampson. Decided to go anyway. Water moderately high from rain in recent days. Meant communication via rope tugs, no voice connection, and Rob having to sit in the water in the parallel tube. Rob pulled trays and pumped from same place, sounded like hard work. In BS, there was a lot of pooled water, most I’ve seen. As I was going down I sloshed more into it, and there was a pool from the turning bend to the step up in the bedding – made it quite cold.  Took the super hoe up, but only managed 2 trays worth from it, digface too far away to get any pressure on the end of the hoe. Then spent a while digging out the left bedding, purely for psychological reasons – made the place feel less claustrophobic!

After a while I finally plucked up courage to enter the compression, had to take helmet off whilst digging, or couldn’t move my head. Managed to begin digging into the next bend with my hand  - although very restricted and have yet to get my chest beyond the bedding which juts out halfway across the tube. The roof steps up again beyond, but tube seems to continue in a Westerly direction. Apparently at one time it was 20mins between trays – shows how awkward it was to dig! Next trip I might possibly be able to get into chicane. Both of us knackered, freezing outside. (Mike, Rob)