09/01/14 - Been very wet, should have known better! Streamway was flowing super fast through first duck into NB. Really changed since Rob cleared it. Previously the water would have backed up making it impassable, (half the amount of water now flows out of the 2 upstream tubes now as a result) Went through first duck no problem, but 2nd duck into Born Slippy area was highest yet, and with barely any airspace, decided against it as it was due to rain later. In hindsight should have tried lower entrance. Went back upstream and had another look at the tight branch by the silty corner. Then headed out, taking out the remainder of the rubbish from West Choke that we’d left in Alex Aven. Washed up in Watergrove Sough tail as usual and lost my watch again. Miraculously Ed found it just before it got washed into the downstream pipe, that watch is indestructible! (Mike, Rob, Ed)