22/01/14 - Been a very wet week and a bit again. Ed went in via Upper, me and Rob via lower just to be sure. Didn’t want to have an aborted trip again. Stream very fast down cascading section and hurtling into Sampo’s Canal, doesn’t seem to have made much forward progress though. Ed made it there before us, but was in the parallel tube as we arrived, so Rob set off and waited by the 2nd duck like a loyal dog waiting for his owner to arrive not knowing he’d already been and gone. Entered Born Sippy without my helmet, determined to make some progress, but a proper pool had formed from the block onwards, turning the squeeze just beyond the block into a proper committing duck. Plucked up courage and went for it (wouldn’t have made it with a helmet on for sure). Pool even deeper at turning bend stretching all the way to digface (and beyond?).

Digface, DeWalt lunchbox and tools completely submerged. Made half-hearted attempt to turn in turning bend but would have had to completely submerge my head for at least 20 seconds so, decided to retreat feet first like the old days. Had a bit of a moment getting back out of the squeeze. Calmed myself down, held breath and went for it, managed to get my head back out of the water and twist my body back beyond the block. Was a relief! Then spent around 30 minutes pumping water out, but made little impression, and Ed began chiseling away at the initial compression so he can finally get his J-Lo through. All exited via lower and took a look at the White House again, then onto the new dugout way to the final sump.  Forgot my shoes and had to go barefoot in the Miners - the final insult to a cold, wet night. (Mike, Rob, Ed)