14/02/15 - Was not looking forward to this trip, but couldn't put it off forever. We've not been back down Born Slippy in Streaks Pot for over a year since we found it full o'watter and generally miserable. Steady was car shopping today, so it was just me and Rob that pulled up at the layby and kitted up. The water pumping out of the Watergrove Sough tail looked ominously higher than we were expecting. (Although it always has since all that gravel got washed down from Cavendish Mill and raised the height of the riverbed by a good half metre). The trip down was pretty uneventful, although Rob shat himself when a bat buzzed him in the chamber at the bottom of the entrance rift. The first duck was fine and the 2nd was just passable without getting your face wet, so fairly average winter levels for Streaks. Reaching the entrance to Born Slippy we sorted out the kit and Rob got the pump out. Would it be sweet fresh air coming through the pipe, or water?? Water... bastard. Looks like its going to be wet then. I left Rob with the pumping and headed on into the tube. Took me a while pushing the drill and kit in front of me but I eventfully made it to the 18m mark and the left-hand bend... and the source of the water. The duck was easily passable but the pool was a good body length and a half long and about hip deep. I made a halfhearted attempt to get the drill out, but with the pool there's just no space to do anything. In fact the whole place is much smaller than I remembered it! Not to be defeated I swung the hammer about a bit, in a futile attempt to get rid of the obstruction at the end, but it's a proper drill job, and if we're going to get it done, the place needs to be dry. After about 30mins I'd had enough and weaseled my way back out. Streaks was clearly not in the mood to get jabbed at with a drill today, it's going to have to be a summer job. At least we tried! On with White Rake then... (Mike, Rob)