31/01/16 - Back down Streaks! It’s been a long time, but it felt good to be back. We parked up in the boulder layby as usual, although Steddy made a valiant attempt to drive all the way to the upper entrance like he was on Safari. Our plan was to re-climb Alex Aven in order to check out the inlet at the top. It was climbed by Tom Proctor shortly after Streaks was discovered and described as being “probably too tight”. As far as we know no-one actually pushed it or has been back up there since, so we thought it was worth a look just to find out for sure. We lugged the kit down through the upper entrance and made our way upstream, in surprisingly low water given the recent weather. It’d been a long time since we’d been upstream and Alex Aven was quite a bit taller than we remembered, with the inlet in the top west corner. Although climbers, we’re not Tom Proctor, so I put a couple of bolts in and with some moderate faffing made it to the source of the streamlet. It was actually quite a bit bigger than I was expecting (“bigger” being a relative term in Streaks) and it took the form of a miniature canyon that disappeared off round to the left. I hutched my way inside, but had too much kit on to make any progress, so I rigged up a rope and headed back down for the others to give it a go. Ed then climbed up with a shunt and got stuck in, but his J-lo soon got snagged so he scuttled back down to give Rob a go. Rob managed to get about a metre or so in (even with his SRT kit on), and after clearing some rocks even managed to stand up! There seemed to be a slight draught (although this may have just been water-driven), and we’ll be back soon, with some more time and a lump hammer to push it properly (Mike, Rob, Ed).