04/02/16 - Back to Alex Aven to have a proper look at the inlet, minus SRT kit. Climbing up, with a shunt on the rope as a backup, I managed to squeeze up into the tube properly this time. The inlet itself is a classic miniature keyhole passage, and after standing you can squeeze up into the roof tube and happily crawl along with one leg dangling beneath you. Unfortunately/inevitably though, after 4 – 5 body lengths the way on was blocked by flowstone and a choke of boulders, the biggest about the size of a TV, bang in the middle. The tube itself is relatively spacious here, and there’s enough room to work quite comfortably at the end. But the nature of the tube changes, the canyon disappears and it will probably become a flat out crawl beyond. I reported back to the others, hoping Rob or Steddy would take over (being the elite boulder breaking team) but Ed spotted a nasty (loose) looking slab of rock at the entrance to the passage and it was decided we should sort this before too many people come up. If it was to come down it's likely to block the exit back into the aven and also chop the anchors which are on the wall opposite. We’ll need to re-rig the rope higher up and crow bar this section off from above, probably on the next trip. So it was left to me to have a quick go at the largest boulder back at the choke with the plug and feathers. I managed to get a couple of decent chunks off, but by now time was ticking on so we called it a night. It shouldn’t take too much to clear it, so it’s worth doing, even if it’s only to confirm that the way beyond is too tight - at least we'll know (Ed, Rob, Mike)