20/02/16 - Back for a flying trip before the EGM. Rob scuttled up the rope and set to work on what remained of the hanging boulder. It took a bit of drilling and a couple of goes with the plug and feathers, but it eventually came down in three bits meaning no more hanging death at the entrance to the passage. Rob then came down and I climbed up with a shunt on a belt as usual (the passage beyond currently impassable with SRT kit on). I got to work on the boulder choke blocking the way, steadily crow baring pieces out and breaking down the larger bits with the drill before passing them back down the mini canyon to Rob who despotised them down the aven. Just as the drill ran out of juice I managed to get a final crucial bit of the larger boulder out, enabling me to wriggle my chest round the side of it to see that the passage continues beyond. It looks low and will need the roof enlarging at first (the flowstone making it pretty snug). It doesn’t looks super promising, but it’s worth another trip to at least remove the rest of the boulder so we can properly get into it. It might be the usual cave-mind-tricks, but it does appear to enlarge slightly a metre or so in. Why can't Streaks just go!? (Mike, Rob)