25/02/16 - Just me and Rob on a cold Thursday evening this time. I set off up Alex Aven as Rob went for a furtle about upstream. Within the first few minutes I’d managed to split up what remained of the boulder blocking the way on, but it then took about an hour breaking it down into smaller chunks in order to get it out of the passage and down the aven. At one stage I managed to the block the passageway completely - fortunately I was on the aven side of the blockage, unfortunately the crowbar, p&f’s, hammer and drill were on the other side of the blockage. Shit! After breathing in, I just managed to force myself through the gap at the top and back to the drill. With that cleared, I was finally able to get a proper look at the continuation and it was low and tight. Had a half-hearted attempt at taking the initial bit of the roof out before the drill ran out of juice, but the passage is just too low. Rob managed to squeeze his way up to the end after awkwardly taking his SRT kit off at the pitch head and crawled over me to check it out himself. Both agreed it’s probably not a goer. Oh well, on to the next one! (Mike, Rob)