• Burbage North
  • Stanage Apparent North

  • Birchens

  • Stanage Popular End

  • Horseshoe Quarry

  • Agden

  • Wild Cat

  • Lawrencefield

  • Stoney

June 27th - 30th:

Mike, Rob, Geoff, Ed, Syd and Rod braved ticks and midges on Thursday for a quick climb near Dunkeld just off the A9. Craig-Y-Barnes seems to have become an obligatory stop on the journey up to Scotland, with ‘The Groove’ being the usual route to yield to our topflight rock climbing skills. Although in contrast to last time, when we climbed here shirtless in beautiful sunshine, it was humid, damp and the midges were getting very rapey. So we fled after just two routes.

On Friday, Rob, Ed and Mike did a 20 mile round walk in order to climb the Classic Rock route ‘Square Face’. The walk was nice, the climb was done entirely in the pissing rain - which was also nice. Ed admitted to having “butterflies” as the rain came lashing down whilst we were halfway up the route. Such honesty was dealt with very maturely by the remainder of the party, and we did our best to comfort him - largely by offering to carry his handbag.   

  • Millstone

  • Ravensdale

  • Stanage Wall End

  • Aldery Cliff

  • Roaches Upper Tier

  • Wild Cat

  • Curbar

  • Rainster LH Side

  • Stanage End

  • Wharncliffe

  • Burbage South

  • Harborough

  • Rowter Rocks
  • Baslow

November 22nd:

Four brave climbers left Derbyshire early Friday morning, piled into Rob’s home brand-Audi and headed off to Anglesey with the intention of doing A Dream of White Horses on Gogarth. (This was primarily to shut our Old Man up who’s done nothing but talk about it since climbing it in 1984).

Each member of the team had been carefully chosen, specifically selected for their own experience and unique skill set. I brought the documenting skills of photography (I had a camera) coupled by great headwear to the table. Ed had been brought along for his immense span (both leg and arm). George was called upon to utilise his skills as ‘Derbyshire’s Top Slab Climbing Specialist’. (A title that both Sport England and the BMC dispute as being “misleading and potentially dangerous; bearing little-to-no resemblance with reality”.) And finally, Rob was invited along so there was an even number.

  • Gogarth: North Wales

  • Tremadog: North Wales