June 27th - 30th:

Mike, Rob, Geoff, Ed, Syd and Rod braved ticks and midges on Thursday for a quick climb near Dunkeld just off the A9. Craig-Y-Barnes seems to have become an obligatory stop on the journey up to Scotland, with ‘The Groove’ being the usual route to yield to our topflight rock climbing skills. Although in contrast to last time, when we climbed here shirtless in beautiful sunshine, it was humid, damp and the midges were getting very rapey. So we fled after just two routes.

On Friday, Rob, Ed and Mike did a 20 mile round walk in order to climb the Classic Rock route ‘Square Face’. The walk was nice, the climb was done entirely in the pissing rain - which was also nice. Ed admitted to having “butterflies” as the rain came lashing down whilst we were halfway up the route. Such honesty was dealt with very maturely by the remainder of the party, and we did our best to comfort him - largely by offering to carry his handbag.   


Saturday saw the same team feeling a bit weary after such an unjustifiably long walk the day before. So we went to the Pass of Ballater, a high level roadside crag with some great steep corners and slabby run-outs. ‘Lucky Strike’, ‘Medium Cool’ and ‘Little Cenotaph’ were the highlights. The latter being an obscene bridging route that enabled Ed to utilise his longshanks and levers, and left Mike and Rob wanting the number of George's hip surgeon.

The next day, the same team from Thursday regrouped just south of The Lakes at Trowbarrow. ‘Jean Genie’ & ‘Jomo’ were climbed in a gusty wind, before the team split up and went their separate ways down the M6.

Good weekend!