August 18th:

The ever dependable team of Chatburn, Crowther, Goodier, Lett and Peppit Senior, complemented by our VP, Glynn Hughes, and Clowes, who should be complimented on making the meet from their homes in the SE, along with the Meet Leaders swung, both metaphorically and physically, into action in reducing the pile of uncut wood into an orderly store to be consumed over the winter in our fine new stove.  The additional source of wood from our President’s forest failed to materialise as the gate was locked but Johnson and Lett nonetheless managed to cut timber for later collection.

 Meanwhile back at the Hut the combined DIY and technical skills of Chatburn, Clowes and Harris transformed our collapsed and seriously dilapidated wood store into a fine replacement which was then filled with the cut timber and all trace of the old store and redundant equipment in it was removed from site.

Following the eventual conclusion of the amended rights saga, the newly allocated parking area received some TLC, the accumulated weeds were removed and 2 tons of limestone chippings were liberally spread over the area which is now fully fit for purpose.

The hut was spruced up and minor running repairs and redecoration were carried out by the remainder of the team before time ran out just in time for Griff to appear and review the day’s work before again disappearing as swiftly as he came.  Tea was taken and the Meet was declared a resounding success. Oh should add that the Chantry Bequest has been loving sanitised by the Doc who had to administer some first aid to Peppit Senior who suffered a laceration of this finger which revealed the absence of plasters in the First Aid box.  Thankfully Peppit recovered. (The Writer fails to mention that our good Doctor thought it was red ink!).