• Curbar Boulders

  • Burbage North

  • Birchens

  • Ladybower Quarry

  • Horseshoe Quarry
  • Stanage

  • Rheinstor

  • Robin Proctor's Scar: Yorkshire Meet

  • Eastby Crag: Yorkshire Meet

  • Rivelin

June 19th - 22nd:

It was Rob & Mike who first enthusiastically suggested a meet at the CIC hut, and it was Syd who therefore booked the 12 places. A shame then that only eight of us took up the challenge, one of whom was a re-emerging Pete W, one guest, and two members from the London section. We rendezvoused at the Fort William Morrison’s car park on the Thursday afternoon, where the London Chef took control as he had compiled a moderate menu, taking into consideration the portering up, but had had the foresight to stop off at his now regular Kingussie butcher shop to purchase the obligatory venison. Chris was given the task of choosing the two boxed wines, but in his haste and lack of Club knowledge, one of the boxes turned out to be Ribena-esque! However, the malt made up for it. After the purchases, everybody re-assembled at the North Face car park at Torlundy, a few miles outside Fort Will. Here, the portering was divided up, the heavy packs loaded and the two hour plod commenced up what turned out to be an excellent, dry 3 mile track all the way up to the hut, on a beautiful, warm and clear, late afternoon – and no midges to boot!

  • Stanage
  • Ben Nevis Up: North East Buttress via Raeburn's Arete. Down: Tower Ridge. Wet! (Rob, Mike P)

  • Ben Nevis Castle Ridge (Geoff, Syd, Pete)

  • Ben Nevis Ledge Route (Syd, Geoff, Martin, Jon H, Chris, Mike P, Rob, Pete)

  • Roaches

July 18th - 20th:

The Climbers had a good day at Castle Naze, where after the initial murk and low cloud, the day developed into a fine one. Many routes were soloed or led, at varying grades of difficulty. Rob was coping well leading with his ‘peg leg’ and Ed with his recent injury of falling down a manhole, although rumour has it his arse prevented him plummeting too far. They left leaving themselves time for a quick beer at the Wanted Inn, to arrive at the allotted time of 6 pm, to find George impatiently tapping his watch and bemoaning the fact that the walkers had not yet returned. A quick phone call to the Hood, found them at the Wellington’s Monument after walking via Pilsley, Chatsworth, and Birchens, and the Devonshire Arms and the Robin Hood, and leaving behind in their wake many upset and possibly now suicidal walkers who were unfortunate to meet Johnson on what was initially their quiet ramble in the Derbyshire Peak. A rescue car was despatched to pick them up at the Curbar Gap, and a fine tea was then had, cooked by Pip, but all praise received by George. (Rob P, Nick J, Ed Shaw, David A, Geoff P, Syd, Mike P)

Leaders: Rick S & George Samp

  • Wildcat

  • Stanage, High Neb

  • Stoney

  • Curbar

  • Ravensdale

  • Castle Naze

  • Agen

  • Black Rocks

  • Harborough Rocks

  • Chatsworth

  • Harpur Hill

September 18th - 21s:

A lovely long weekend was held at the Climbers’ Club’s five star hut on the north Cornish coast, not far from Lands End. Unlike our last visit in April 3 years ago, when the hut was particularly busy, this visit was a lot quieter with only a small number of CC members, which was a surprise as the weather forecast was good.

Those enjoying the meet were: Glyn H, Jerry L, Bryan B (till Saturday), Rod B, Tony C, Syd G, Chris G, Richard H, Geoff P, Rob P, Mike P, and Ed Samp. The Hon Treasurer had also intended to come, but as his calendar was running a day slow he missed the allotted pick up by Richard, having gone out for a walk! Sympathy was not forthcoming and it was suggested he should still be charged for the weekend! Many thanks, once again, to Peter Greenaway who sent a donation which covered the cost of beer.

  • Froggatt

  • Lawrencefield

  • Willersley

  • Bosigran: Cornwall Meet

  • Sennen: Cornwall Meet

  • Gurnard's Head: Cornwall Meet

  • Stanage

  • Yarncliffe

  • Burbage South

  • Baslow: Club Hut dinner!

  • Shepherds Crag: Borrowdale