September 18th - 21s:

A lovely long weekend was held at the Climbers’ Club’s five star hut on the north Cornish coast, not far from Lands End. Unlike our last visit in April 3 years ago, when the hut was particularly busy, this visit was a lot quieter with only a small number of CC members, which was a surprise as the weather forecast was good.

Those enjoying the meet were: Glyn H, Jerry L, Bryan B (till Saturday), Rod B, Tony C, Syd G, Chris G, Richard H, Geoff P, Rob P, Mike P, and Ed Samp. The Hon Treasurer had also intended to come, but as his calendar was running a day slow he missed the allotted pick up by Richard, having gone out for a walk! Sympathy was not forthcoming and it was suggested he should still be charged for the weekend! Many thanks, once again, to Peter Greenaway who sent a donation which covered the cost of beer.

Being so close to Bosigran, climbing was the predominant activity on the Friday, and a mass ascent of Commando Ridge was made by the Peppits and Sampson the younger, Brown and Goodier and new boy Goulden. Unlike the failed attempt 3 years ago, the waves were very benign, although the first pitch was damp. By the time the ridge was completed and a move made to the main crag, the sun was red hot, the initial set fret being burnt off. The three younger members then embarked on an ascent of the classic VS, Little Brown Jug, which they found quite challenging. The senior members, however, were content to climb the VD, Oread, and Alison Slab. The walking party explored the coastal and inland paths between Bosigran and the Tinners’ Arms in Zennor. All retreated to the hut for showers, pub visit, followed by dinner featuring Jerry Lovatt’s renowned Boeuf Bourguignon, washed down with the finest wines that we could afford.

The climbers spent Saturday at Sennen Cove. Mike and Ed spent some time on a scary looking HVS and a VS, whilst Rob dragged his old man up several Diffs and VD’s, finishing with a steep VS. Syd took Rod and Chris in tow and got in some climbing mileage, before a retreat to the beach, and a sea dip by the young preceded the inevitable pub stop. The walking parties made further exploration of the coastal paths both eastward and westward. Dinner was a Poulet Saute Marengo by Glyn Hughes.

On Sunday, before the retreat home, the climbers (minus Geoff who walked back to his camper van in Sennen) decided on Right Angle at Gurnards Head. Syd led the second and crux pitch, which actually descends (no fool Syd), until descending a Syd met rising sea, and Syd came out worst and just as wet. Retreating upwards, he took the alternative (and harder) traverse option, but it all worked out well in the end. The meet leaders decided to break their return journey at a pub in Exeter to watch the Manchester United vs Leicester City football game – a decision they were to deeply regret.

Leaders: Glyn H & Jerry L