January 19th:

As planned, all turned out with various degrees of enthusiasm, the weather was blanket fog and it was raining. The trip over Brown Knoll was wet and reliant on a good sense of direction. In the long held tradition of the DPC, the tactic, as always, was to wait until we were lost before consulting a map.

Fortunately the low cloud lifted and views started to appear as the top of Jacobs Ladder came into view. The walk up the hill to CrowdenTower gave an atmospheric view across to Mam Nic, swirling clouds and the promise of sunshine.  Then eastwards along the edge of the Kinder plateau to Grindslow Knoll where the views were now opening up and the sun warming the day.

Lunch was taken at the knoll and spirits lifted mostly from 2 hip flasks that made an unexpected appearance. With Rod winning the Gold award for the peat smoked 16-Year-Old Lagavulin, very rich and thick, good fruity sweetness; unlike Rod.


In hazy sunshine, the party struck out for the head of Grindsbrook Clough, having given two senior members the slip and fortified by lunch the pace quickened. The southern edge soon relented and Axel felt duty bound to vacate the hill at Golden Clough and supervise the preparation of the evening meal.  

The party travelled onto the top of Ollerbrook Clough where it was debated at some length as to the merits of a mass trespass and river crossing.  Given the lack of daylight and the amount of Ibuprofen being taken, the route along the valley to Win Hill was out of the question. A path was beaten down Ollerbrook across the Edale Road and up to Back Tor Farm where the Kinder Bridle path was ascended to Backtor Nook and Backtor summit. 

The party took in Lose Hill and enjoyed the warm evening sun and spectacular views on the top. The walk along the ridge was a joy arriving at dusk on the top of the Shivering Mountain, one of the seven wonders of the Peak. (Hobbes 1636).

Axel and his team provided the evening meal that was gratefully received. A great day was had by one and all.