April 25th - 27th:


Tony Crowther and Axel met Richard Harris and Mike Johnson on the East side of Haweswater close to the old corpse road to Swindale Head. 

Richard led us up the corpse road, initially steep and zigzag, until it levelled off.  He then struck off South to Selside Pike (655m - 2148ft) where there was a primitive shelter from the wind and we ate our lunch.

We then proceeded in the cloud along the fence to Artlecrag Pike (713m - 2338ft), passing the Pillar on the way.  Descent, then, to Gatescarth Pass and down the steep track to Mardale Head where it came on to rain quite hard and we got wet walking back to the cars.


Richard and Axel left the Starkey Hut in light rain and headed up to Boardale Hause, from where we took the path to Angle Tarn. Climbing up, we proceeded to Beda Fell where it was quite windy and we wondered how our friends would be faring on Striding Edge.  By the time we got to Beda Head the sun was out and the day much improved. Richard rang home on his mobile to enquire if his wife had bought a horse while he was away.  She had!  We then went down into Martindale and past St. Martin's church to take the path over to Steel End and Howtown.  On the way we stopped on a bench, with a good view down the valley which runs towards Sandwick, to eat our lunch. After lunch we made it to the Howtown Hotel for a drink and hoped to meet Mike and Tony who were walking there by the lakeside path. However, it later transpired that they must have left by the front door just as we entered by the back.  After waiting some


3/4 hr. we set off back to Patterdale along the lakeside track which was pretty rough and with much up and down. On the way we met Bryan Benton coming towards us. He later met up with Mike and Tony on a return ferryboat.  The afternoon continued fine and sunny and we got back to the Starkey hut just ahead of  Bryan, Mike  and Tony.


Tony led Richard, Mike and Axel along the road to the Patterdale Hotel and on to the path which goes over to Thornhow in Grisedale. We then continued up Grisedale on the South side. The weather was fine and pleasant. Mike managed to engage in his inimitable way with a busload of B walkers going to Grassmere. (the A walkers were going over St.Sunday Crag, we were told).  We crossed Grisedale Beck on a footbridge and headed down the valley for Lanty's Tarn, crossing the path to Striding Edge on the way.  The tarn was somewhat of a disappointment when we finally got there, being very much drained of its water.  We had lunch in a spot with a view and walked back to the Hut by the road.