April 25th - 27th:

Some 14 ex 16 members and guests attended. Casualties (absentees) included the co-leader (Griff - unwell) and the VPs guest (Mike White - traffic problems). 

After meeting Geoff & Brian at the hut c.1pm Syd, Rod, John E., Geoff and Brian B., headed for Lower Grisedale. Despite drizzle, ropes and block and tackle were taken.  Having eventually found Thornthwaite Crag and decided it to be suitably moist Syd led a couple of routes - Grisedale Slabs (D) and Kneewrecker Wall (VD) some runners were used and several seconds followed.

Despite appalling weather 9 mountaineers including the P and VP headed up Grisedale with Striding Edge in mind. In view of strong wind and rain the party was mindful to avoid the crest and instead took the leeside 'path' and on reaching the final slopes gained the summit either by the gully or the ridge scramble. Thanks to Rod for leading the party on the Edge and to Syd for acting as sweeper at the rear. On the summit of Helvellyn a debate on the descent route was decided by a vote: 8 for Dollywagon: 1 for Raise. The President was in the minority of 1! Feeling frisky, 7 of us ascended Fairfield, the VP somewhat delayed by scientific  studies.  Uncharacteristically the DPC waited for him to catchup.  Meanwhile at Grisedale Hause, Hugh and Glyn had decided to opt out of Fairfield and returned to the hut over St Sunday Crag. The magnificent 7 continued from Fairfield over St Sunday Crag to the hut.

On Sunday Rod, Syd & John E took a not so gentle stroll up to Angle Tarn, returning to close the loop back to the hut via Hayes Water.  The weather was kind to us - rain came only in the last 2 km.

Many thanks to all of you for mucking in on catering and bottle emptying so helping to offset the loss of Griff.