July 18th - 20th:

A tiny trio toiled tirelessly in seemingly tropical heat and humidity round “Johnson’s route”. The Londoners were somewhat left standing by Mike’s vigour, particularly along trails made invisible by shoulder-high bracken. Luckily Mike was persuaded to slow his royal progress with various stops for excellent beer, ice cream and people watching. Despite traversing delightful countryside few people were encountered away from the pubs and Chatsworth itself. However, the few unlucky souls who did come close to Mike’s wobbly trajectory had to endure the usual unappreciated public utterances. Despite strict prior warnings from Hood, one such was a request of a mother for Mike to have his way with her daughter on a style. The Londoners “made their usual excuses” and hurried on to Curbar car park where all the naughty boys were found to be out too late. They were admonished and escorted securely back to the hut in “Mummy” Geoff’s car for a splendid tea. (Mike J, Martin C, Jon H)