21st December:

Warm home made mince pies and coffee laced with a wee dram. What could be a better way of starting a walk from the club hut. The weather looked fair for this time of the year as we set off round the back and on to Knouchley Farm, thend own to the River Derwent. Already now with mud on our boots, we started to climb the steep path up to Curbar Edge. Nothing like a steep climb to start cracking up the party, but we pressed on past the ‘Eagle Stone.’ This was the first time on a meet that I have not seen at least one attempt to climb it. After walking along the top of Gardoms Edge we made a sharp turn left so that Geoff could direct us to an ancient stone said to be about 5000 years old. On inspection we found it to be made of fibreglass (you can’t fool us Geoff) and apparently the original is in a Sheffield museum.


Lunch was enjoyed at the Robin Hood Inn. They opened a spare room but most of us were happy to sit outside. After lunch we headed off to Chatsworth Park walking past the Hunting Tower, only stopping to have our photos taken next to a cannon. The size of the party decreasing again as we walked down through the Park to Baslow. I had my torch to hand but didn’t use it as we followed the river back to Stoney Middleton in plenty of time for a clean up and beer.

Leaders: John E, John S, Bryan B

Walkers: Graham B, Hugh C, Jim C, Phil C, Tony C, John E, Richard H, Jonathan H, Glyn H, Mike J, Geoff P, Martin That Bastard P, John S, Lionel S, Andy T.

Cycling: Martin C, Rick S

Dinner: Bryan B (chef), Brian E (chef’s helper), George S, Derek G, Mike T, Laura T, Chris W.

Thanks to Tony C who provided wine. Anne Maria who provided puddings. Sheila who cooked the beef.

 Mike J won the Travis Trophy.