July 1st:

Villagers kept awake by screaming woman…

From our special correspondent on the scene:

An end of an era took place at the headquarters of the Derbyshire Pennine Club in Stoney Middleton on Tuesday evening, on 1 July. The annual Boule evening and get together took place, and it was afterwards that the organisers, Mr and Mrs Benton from Taddington, announced that after circa 20 years they were standing down, citing old age as the reason. Mrs Catherine Peppit, a full time cake maker and wife of a prominent and younger member, offered to take over the future role, which was accepted with alacrity by the group. Her husband, who was present at the proceedings, was unavailable for comment.


Prior to this, the traditional games took place with much noise and bantering, gentlemen against ladies, and as usual, the weaker sex succumbed to the superior fire power of the men, although some were noted to be over exuberant. The usual buffet meal followed, with much story telling and hilarity taking place and then members drifted off home, to leave a small nucleus to tidy up. The observer noted that some of the ladies had probably partaken of too much wine, and the shouting from one lady in particular was such that caused many lights to be turned on in the village, and curtains twitch. Other members present were obviously duly embarrassed, and the lady in question, whose identity is best left a secret, was consequently bundled into a car and taken home, presumably to be admonished.

The correspondent is looking forward to next year’s activities although it remains to be seen if the new organisers are as successful. However, it is understood that Mrs Peppit is already considering changing the name of the activity, to introduce new game rules and possibly pork pies, a definite break to tradition.