14th - 16th November:

Glaramara, Borrowdale

We were looked after well again at this friendly hotel. Excellent food and accommodation and the weather was good as well, although greasy underfoot, with the recent heavy rain.

The AGM, saw a change to the Committee and Officers. Rod became new President and Lionel Vice President. Geoff resigned from the Committee and Rob replaced him with different responsibilities. Mike P was thanked for his creation of the Club website, and now serves an off the Committee role.

Speeches were by Griff, Rod, Mike P, and an unfortunate Mike J who replaced Richard at the last minute. Rod entertained, but the best fun was had in the early hours when Sainsbury was strung up and found hanging from a noose from the banisters in the morning.

From Ed S: I am sure you already know but on Saturday Rob and I climbed on Shepherds Crag.  We climbed Brown Slabs, Brown Slabs direct, Little Chamonix and Jackdaw Ridge direct. On Sunday Rick led Martin C and myself on a great mountain bike route around Borrowdale.  Superb views of Derwent water and some brilliant descents (after some very tough climbs)!  Both Rick and Martin took several photographs that I am sure you would be able to get.

From Martin C: Report and pictures can be found here

From Jerry L: I went into Keswick on the bus, bought a pair of shoes and watched England lose the rugby match over an excellent pint in the Queens (but don’t publicise it too widely – my reputation is sufficiently in tatters already!). Great weekend.

From Martin P: Friday - Tony B, Hugh & Martin P drove up to Braithwaite village nr. Keswick did a 6 mile round of Grisedale Pike round to Coledale Hause and back down Coledale. Saturday - A varied group set off up Glaramara but soon reduced to Hood, Grayson, Johnson, Pierce, Lodder & Goulden on to Allen Crag down to Angle Tarn returning via Langstrath a pint at the lovely little pub at Stonethwaite'

From Griff: Drove to Glaramara and then to Holyhead, then home!

From Geoff: With Syd, John, Rod and his guest Mike, we set off to walk to Honister Pass, where the VP elect insisted on buying everybody coffee. This was later our undoing! Up through the low cloud to Dale Head, then down and up to High Spy. Mike peeled off before the ascent, citing clapped out knees. Along the ridge to Maiden Moor, and then eventually dropping out of the cloud to Catbells. A succession of paths and roads eventually took us to the hotel at 5.20, just enough time to shower for the AGM. Approx 13 miles.

From the President: On Friday afternoon during a brief interlude on the journey to Glaramara  the President elect enjoyed a short low altitude circumperambulation of Rydal Water accompanied by Syd and John E - this included the famous "coffin path".

On Saturday the above team plus Mike White  and Geoff walked from Glaramara to Honister Pass and, following a brief refreshment stop at the slate mine, ascended Dale Head and followed the ridge over High Spy, Eel Crags and Cat Bells. The return to Glaramara took in the valley path. Total distance 12.75 miles.  Mike White experienced knee problems and decided to shorten the expedition by descending to Glaramara via Rigghead Quarries. Timing proved a little marginal with only 20 minutes to spare before the AGM on our return.

The President gave a splendid oration (somewhat outshone by that given by Mike P) at the Dinner followed by a timely post-prandial entertainment featuring Sainsbury - much in demand as usual! (Not too many snores!).

Overnight Sainsbury was involved in an incident with persons unknown and a length of rope.  Fortunately on Sunday morning First Aid enabled a speedy revival and I am pleased to report that he is back to "normal".  It is hoped that the culprits of this dastardly deed will be brought to justice in due course.

On Sunday the team Goodier, Eastwood, White and Brown walked from Glaramara up to Watendlath via the steep Stonethwaite track - descending via the Rosthwaite path.  So ended a splendid weekend - even the weather was kind to us.

From Russ: Set off from the Glaramara Centre with Bob G, Hoody, D Lodder, Chris G, Martin C. Whilst ascending Glaramara we had atmospheric views to the north over Derwent etc as sunlight shone through gaps in the distant clouds. We then briefly met up with Brown & Cotton as we entered the cloud base. After putting on jackets and hats we made it to the summit. Once on the ridge - plateau we travelled south for a couple of hours and lunched by a tarn. After which we made for our drop off to the east. Descending into Langstrath valley which offers a reasonable water catchment we progressed in a north easterly direction. After the infamous Hood River Attack, which included full camera immersion. This pleasant valley got Bobby pondering  a couple of plunge pool options the river had to offer with a wager suggested by Martin to boot. Happened upon The Langstrath Country Inn a fine hostelry on the edge of Stonethwaite before our return to Seatoller.

From Chris G: I have been asked by Sir to write about my holidays. Last weekend was jolly good fun. I have joined a new club and they all seem very nice. We arrived at about 4:30 Thursday, the tuck shop was open so we were able to start drinking Tizer. We drank rather a lot (mixing it with drinks that were not fizzy) so I felt a bit queer the next day when we had to go for a long, long walk. Often it seemed we were lost because it was very misty but luckily a boy in the form above, I think he's called Hoodie, had his play station with him. I heard it said that Hoodie's carer (Michelle?) makes him take it with him as he is prone to wandering. The prefects pretended to ignore Hoodie and insisted on looking at their compasses and maps so we continued to seem lost. Anyway I secretly followed Hoodie hoping the others didn't notice in case they laughed at me as well. 

That evening was very strange. First we had what seemed like a House Meeting except I was late because I thought I had to change into my uniform but as it turned out some of the other chaps were still in play clothes and everyone was a bit annoyed with me. 

Then things turned really bizarre. As the new boy I had to take part in a ritual involving regalia and someone wearing an apron. At first I was really worried that I had joined a club that involved rolling up your trouser leg; then I remembered at least one member was actually a girl (not sure about the others, but this one is definitely a girl and in fact a jolly nice one). My relief was short lived however as I then had to put on a large undergarment of indeterminate gender with an alarming scorch mark. How this had happened they wouldn't tell me but I feared it had involved perhaps an ill advised prank with a match and resultant blow-back or an indecent assault with a blow torch. I had to parade around like a prat before being released to my seat where I found some bully had defaced my place-mat with the word "nickers" (sic). The oik can't even spell. 

We had lots of speeches, some of which were funny and after a lot more Tizer all humiliation was soon forgotten. I do hope however there is another new boy next year......

From Axel: Friday - Axel drove through torrential rain with Graham B and Tony C to meet Richard H and Mike J at Windermere Station. Tony had worked out a walk there, but the weather was so atrocious that we went into the local Booth's supermarket for refreshment and to decide what to do. The upshot was to continue our journey to Glaramara, and eat our lunch there. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by David, the proprietor. The weather was much better at Glaramara: the rain had passed.  After our lunch we set off for Sourmilk waterfall. It was very wet underfoot but the waterfall was in good order. We continued up the valley to Stockley Bridge and returned on the track past Thorneythwaite Farm. A pleasant couple of hours stroll.

Saturday - With Richard H in the lead, Graham B, Glyn H (the last day of his presidency), Lionel and Axel walked up the valley to Stockley Bridge and then further up to Styhead Tarn. The weather was fine but  cloudbase was not as high as we would have liked. We hoped it would lift, and so it did as we climbed Aaron Slack, but not enough to give totally unobscured views at Windy Gap. The view into upper Ennerdale was transient. We could see Pillar, then it was gone, but we could now see the Black Sail Hut. - A discussion ensued and, after some hesitancy, it was decided to go on to the summit of Green Gable in the hope that the cloud would lift.  It didn't. With the help of Richard's fabulous GPS we made our way to Brandreth summit. There, it was just as cloud enshrouded as on Green Gable. We decided to descend, Richard's GPS leading the way towards Great Round How. On the way we stopped for lunch and then continued over Great Round How to the easterly end of Green Crag. Visibility opened out and we could see Buttermere, and later, Crummock Water. The outline of the sun appeared once through the clouds for about 30 seconds and then went. We continued on the path to Dubs Quarry and then along the dismantled tramway to Honister Hause. The President and Lionel went on ahead. We stragglers followed them down the old road into Seatoller, pausing to look at the view and for a debate regarding the whereabouts of Glaramara's summit. The cloud had lifted somewhat, which contributed to a rather pleasant ending to the day.

Sunday - After leaving Glaramara we motored to Dent, which we reached at about 11:00 am. We followed an easy walk taken from the Yorkshire Post newspaper. It went up the valley to the Ibbeth Peril waterfall and a little beyond and then back again by a different route. The weather was good. We left Dent for home at about 3:30pm.   It had been a good weekend.

From Geoff: On Sunday, the three Peppits donned lycra and their road bikes and cycled a fine route via Catbells, Newlands Pass and Honister. The two youngsters cycled up the said passes, but the ex Librarian thought it prudent to walk the really steep section as his chest was about to burst!