• Birchens

  • Burbage North

  • Stanage

  • Gashed Crag: North Wales

  • Clogwyn Cyran: North Wales

  • Carreg Alltrem: North Wales

  • Gwynedd - Slate: North Wales

  • Turning Stone

  • Gardoms

May 15th -17th:


The weekends endeavors began 09:00 prompt with the purchasing of expedition supplies at the Chesterfield branch of Morrison's. After several hours of enduring the micro calculations and eccentric purchasing procrastinations of Frodo, all sundries were secured and the outward journey begun, proper. Having successfully reached the station of Alnmouth at 14:00, Chief Justice Hood was delivered to us, as ever, with a refreshed and optimistic demeanor. The three travelers arrived at journeys end an hour or so later. The forward party were pluckily received by the cherry-faced proprietor of Chatton Bunkhouse and were met with adequate and appreciated amenities. Supper was soon underway, with The President, The Wolf and The Smooth, joining the forward party at the call for supper. High spirits abound, decent dining anticipated and a favourable weather forecast ahead, the Northumberland adventure began auspiciously. Noteworthy was The Hood’s gentle, yet powerful, reprimanding of myself and Frodo that evening. We were, in no uncertain terms, instructed by Judge Hood to abate the reference of the word ‘FUCK’, ‘FUCKING‘ or any and all derivatives, in connection with his Honour, effective immediately. A plea goes out to all DPC members to politely conform to this honourable request. We thank you for your cooperation in advance!

  • Harborough Rocks

  • Stanage

  • Bowden Doors: Northumberland

  • Corby: Northumberland

  • Wildcat

  • Froggatt


June 11th - 14th:


Another great Scots meet in a “traditional” hut, with excellent weather, few midges, wonderfully accessible scenery, big days on the hill, solid granite, falling climbers/ walkers plus town bikes out mountain road cycling. The meet was notable: more climbers than walkers! Great to see Jason and Ed on the hill.


Peppits and the tackle master travelled far up North while Clowes (the only London member present = shame!!!), followed established Scots meet routine of travelling South from Inverness in a gross hire car, enabling him to stalk for venison on Speyside. Parties broke the journey near Ardrossan, prior to negotiating the Ferry in the morning.

  • Ravensdale

  • Bamford

  • Beeston Tor

  • Windgather

  • South Slabs: Arran

  • Cir Mhor: Arran


July 19th:

Martin Clowes started on his mammoth journey from across London, but broke down – again! Martin: “I blew a head gasket and maybe worse, setting off half asleep at 6am after a late night on the South Bank with Ruth, wrong slotting off the M25, recovering time and speeding along. It’s the first time it’s lost water - a pathetic excuse for not watching the temperature gauge. I am going to fit it with a warning Ambulance bell…..”

Although  billed as a climb/walk/cycle, the cycling part of the meet did not materialise as Richard S had recently had a knee operation and was under instruction to ‘rest it’ – hence he offered to do all the catering, which was readily accepted! However Mike P, did cycle out to the hut for tea, having had a hard and late night finishing off a best man’s speech.

  • Rivelin

  • Stanage

  • High Tor

  • Roaches

  • Millstone

  • Harpur Hill


  • Higgar Tor

  • Wharncliffe

  • Cratcliffe

  • Froggatt

September 18th-20th:

The Gritstone Club Hut (The Smithy) proved to be an excellent venue with easy roadside access and proximity to good crags and walks. Twelve members, Sainsbury and two guests attended for some or all of the meet and the hut was at capacity (Rob slept in his passion wagon).

The attendance was skewed 9:5 in favour of the rock athletes and they were rewarded with excellent weather for Friday pm and Saturday. On Friday Rob & Ed climbed sport routes on Bram Crag Quarry with a small DPC audience. On Saturday all the climbers went to Castle Rock where several routes on the South Crag were ascended. Sainsbury was taken up his first rock climb by Ed....without the President's permission!  Syd and John Eastwood creamed some Severes and V.Diffs, the President climbed with Mike White and Richard Hardwick (guests), notable ascents included Slab Climb**(S), Gangway **(VD+++) and Kleine Rinne ***(VS). Rumour has it that the President achieved a lifetime ambition by leading Kleine Rinne to the amazement of a DPC audience. Meanwhile Ed Sampson, Geoff & Rob Peppit and Sainsbury enjoyed a range of HVS and S routes.

  • Stanage

  • Lawrencefield

  • Burbage North

  • Bram Crag Quarry: Lakes

  • Castle Rock: Lakes

  • Birchens