May 15th -17th:


The weekends endeavors began 09:00 prompt with the purchasing of expedition supplies at the Chesterfield branch of Morrison's. After several hours of enduring the micro calculations and eccentric purchasing procrastinations of Frodo, all sundries were secured and the outward journey begun, proper. Having successfully reached the station of Alnmouth at 14:00, Chief Justice Hood was delivered to us, as ever, with a refreshed and optimistic demeanor. The three travelers arrived at journeys end an hour or so later. The forward party were pluckily received by the cherry-faced proprietor of Chatton Bunkhouse and were met with adequate and appreciated amenities. Supper was soon underway, with The President, The Wolf and The Smooth, joining the forward party at the call for supper. High spirits abound, decent dining anticipated and a favourable weather forecast ahead, the Northumberland adventure began auspiciously. Noteworthy was The Hood’s gentle, yet powerful, reprimanding of myself and Frodo that evening. We were, in no uncertain terms, instructed by Judge Hood to abate the reference of the word ‘FUCK’, ‘FUCKING‘ or any and all derivatives, in connection with his Honour, effective immediately. A plea goes out to all DPC members to politely conform to this honourable request. We thank you for your cooperation in advance!



With the non-attendance of Peppit snr, the group enjoyed a leisurely start and the customary Full English. The Bionic jnr (Rob Peppit) joined the group, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, after his early morning motorway suffer-fest. Plans for the day where enthusiastically hatched with the usual division of climbers and walkers. I cannot speak for the walkers, as I was not present. But it was later revealled that The Smooth and The Hood experienced the big skies and broiling clouds of the Cheviots in fine style. Jon’s typically stupendous photographic prowess is evidence of a grand day out! Alas, the fabled Chillingham Herd was not encounterd by our intrebid duo. Instead, it was the wonders of the B6348 that captured their imagination and hamstrings! Precisely 7 miles of it, so I’m told. The climbers were to take a pleasant day at Bowden Doors in mainly ‘mixed’ conditions and prevailing winds of a biblical nature. Ignoring the locals and their ensueing oceans of ‘crash-pads‘, we set about ‘fingering the bottom‘ of the crag. To our suprise, and much disgust, our lack of ‘soft landing equipment‘ quickly denied us access to many a route, as sufficient gear placement was sorely lacking. How were we to know that Bowden Doors was a brilliant location for the solo artists and the compitent!! Overcoming this minor ‘sand-bagging’, the climbers enjoyed a unique sandstone of uncompromised quality with bold and clean lines. Bowden Doors is surely worth a return visit, however, a bouldering mat (or two) would prove immensely reassuring.


Sunday saw the group deminished to just the younger climbers and with the weather unchanged it was decided to retreat to the sanctuary of a more sheltered venue. The crag of Corby met this criteria. Generally easier to protect and sporting rock of no less quality, several routes where dispatched with varying degrees of inability, before calling it a day.

Leaders: Mike Peppit & Ed Sampson

Meet Attendees: The Wolf, The President, The Hood, The Smooth, The Bionic jnr