July 19th:

Martin Clowes started on his mammoth journey from across London, but broke down – again! Martin: “I blew a head gasket and maybe worse, setting off half asleep at 6am after a late night on the South Bank with Ruth, wrong slotting off the M25, recovering time and speeding along. It’s the first time it’s lost water - a pathetic excuse for not watching the temperature gauge. I am going to fit it with a warning Ambulance bell…..”

Although  billed as a climb/walk/cycle, the cycling part of the meet did not materialise as Richard S had recently had a knee operation and was under instruction to ‘rest it’ – hence he offered to do all the catering, which was readily accepted! However Mike P, did cycle out to the hut for tea, having had a hard and late night finishing off a best man’s speech.


Members met at the hut and the climbers transported the walkers to Sparklow Bridge and then continued to the Roaches where they were accosted  and press ganged into taking part in a National Park questionnaire. This was accomplished with much banter and hilarity with the female park volunteer, before departing up the hill for the Skyline Buttress area of the Roaches.

A seemingly leisurely time followed with a bout eight routes of V Diff to severe being climbed by Syd and Geoff, whilst Rob and Ed did several harder ones. The best were: Breakfast Problem (VD), Wallaby Wall (HS), Slab and Arete (S starred), Mantelshelf Slab (VS 4c), Right Hand Route (HS), Looking for Today (HVS 5b).

The walkers meanwhile, ably led by Axel, followed the suggested route from Sparklow Bridge to Pomeroy (bacon sandwiches), Flagg and Taddington, before deviating (from Monsal Head, Great Longstone and Black Harry Gate – previously covered on the February meet), via Cressbrook, Foolow and Eyam, or Longstone Edge – Syd has forgotten which one!

Thanks to Richard for the catering.