January 18th:

It was a clear and frosty morning with an inch or more of fresh snow.

Members headed to the Anglers Rest in Bamford where joint leader Tony Crowther awaited them. Unfortunately, the Anglers had decided it didn't want our custom after all and so we had to move on to the Yorkshire Bridge. Tony, being indisposed with a double hernia stayed behind to inform any latecomers of what we were doing, and indeed did tell Hugh, and then went back home to return later to join us for tea.

At about 9:40 the party set off. Turning left from the Yorkshire Bridge pub, the Ladybower Reservoir embankment was crossed and then up Parkin Clough (which soon warmed us up) to the summit of Win Hill. The view was brilliant, all white on the ground and clear blue sky. After a brief pause the group moved on and took the path down towards Twitchill Farm.

February 15th:

The challenge was made: could the members repeat the walk they did 10 years ago to Kingsterndale and back from the club hut taking in 15 or so dales some 870 metres of ascent and 23 or so miles? A few days before the meet it did not look that the challenge would be answered as only 5 had booked in but then they came; they came so that at 9 a.m. on the morning of Sunday 15th February, 15 willing members and guests (8 of whom had done the walk the first time) stood ready to take on the challenge.

Within minutes of the start though, the wheels were coming off the challenge vehicle. Joint leader Cotton and his guest Moz Musson who led off, were so busy chatting they walked right past the path up to Eyam and were soon in unfamiliar territory. Someone said we can take that footpath over the fields but in a short space of time the footpath had started to go the wrong way and the owner of the fields appeared and was unreceptive to our request to go through a couple of his gates. A confrontation (particularly as we had the President and Vice President with us) did not seem a good idea and we had to back track losing some 15 minutes. So at about 9.30 we found ourselves starting again. The suggestion made by one member that we would easily make up this time over the day was not as the readers will see born out.

March 15th:

After a warm welcome from da Wetton locals, we relocated our vehicles in the correct farang parking area. By which time our walking party numbers had practically doubled. With our initial pleasantries complete the band promptly set out from the village centre through a maze of field boundaries heading for Hall Dale via Grange Farm & Stanhope. Once through Hall Dale we found ourselves by the river Dove and made for the crossing at Ilam Rock. Our President spoke fondly of his climbing exploits in the Dale and beyond, starting with this impressive spike which appears to climb straight up from the river bank.

April 17th - 19th:

The Cwm Dyli Hut was, as expected, very well equipped and comfortable and by the time the majority arrived the stove had been put to good use and a warm welcome was received by all. The weather did us proud and it was wall to wall sunshine for the whole of the weekend which clearly fired us all to the challenges of the mountains and the abundance of excellent climbs a challenge obviously relished by the quests accomplished including  - Gashed Crag on Tryfan (VD), Jingling Wall (HS) Bombers Wall (HS) Long Climb Direct (S) all at Clogwyn Cyran near Betwys-y-Coed climbed by Syd and Rod whilst the Rob team conquered Clogwyn Cyrau, Carreg Alltrem and climbs at the Llanberis Slate Quarries. 

 Chris accompanied by Bryan were engaged in climbing Tryfan via Bristly Ridge.  The less intrepid of us relished the challenge of Snowdon and varying routes offered on the Horseshoe, the Tickles completing the whole round. Mike P, opting out of climbing this time, also completed the Horseshoe, but in reverse to the others.

September 19th:

Lake District, Thirlmere

Following an animated discussion orchestrated  by Johnson over Saturday breakfast, Willan, Johnson and Clowes embarked on a tricky route around the vertiginous slopes adjacent to the Booths supermarket in Keswick and Portiscale café house.

Difficulty was found in resisting the club rules regarding photography and in restraining Johnson in his diversionary hobby of insulting passers-by.

Reaching the apogee of the route (see diagram above), an excellent lunch of Sidney Sandwiches were consumed in full sun, prior to the finale of effort with a couple of pints (of tea) to wash down the excellent home-made tea cake.

October 18th:

We completed a 15 mile walk circumnavigating Lathkill Dale from Ashford in the Water. Unfortunately Jim, who was unable to make it, would have brought the average age below 72. I see this as a good thing; 70 is the new 50. Corduroy trousers were worn in the evening by the leader.


We met at Ashford in the Water at the allotted time of 9.30 am, a small group of diehards consisting of Martin the leader, Rod the President, Geoff, John E, Glyn and Martin C, both the latter having driven up from the south this morning – and a dull damp morning it was.

November 20th - 22nd:

Rick: Peppit M & R, Sampson E, Johnson R, March-Shawcross E and Shawcross R opted for a day out on the Grade 1 scramble of Llech Ddu Spur. Parking up in Gerlan at the eastern edge of Bethesda we head up and crossed Afon Llafar to find the footpath next to private farmland. Gradually following the Afon Llafar up the valley for 3kms we found increasing quantities of snow. As the way levels we were faced by the cliffs of Llech Ddu. A quick conflab and the  route up was located. A scree covered bank lead to the hanging valley of Cwmglas Bach and the scramble started on the left wall of the cwm. The route proved easy progress for most and stunning views were available back to the Menai Straights. As the wind picked up we sought some shelter for lunch perched on various shelves. Progress after lunch was slower for some including an interesting arse slide across an exposed slab. The snow made for a more interesting day and the scramble was enjoyed by all. Topping out led to a period in the stiff wind and sleet. Clouds rolled in as we dropped off the top with the Peppits, Johnson and Sampson making the ridge line before the clagg. The Shawcross brothers (engaged in conversation) missed the ridge line and put Ed's Mac skills to a good test. The clagg remained until the valley floor and some proper snow added to the atmosphere. Once back in the valley the track was retraced to the cars.

December 20th:

All rendezvoused at the hut, with the usual mince pies, coffee and brandy. On schedule we headed up to Eyam, then Sir William Hill, where we said goodbye to Bryan. Dropping down to Abney Clough things went to pieces as the leader (Grayson) who up to then had done a fine job, somehow relinquished his responsibility to Crowson, much to the dismay of many members. Barbed wire fences, high stone walls, rough and pathless ground and knee twisting tussocks all followed as Crowson led the way, oblivious to the curses being shouted at his advancing back. We survived exploring Crowson’s wood, and were thankful to emerge at known ground at Lead Mill Bridge. The party was now split asunder. The Millstone Inn was headed to for and some reprieve was had over a deserved lunch. The official leader announced from the depths of the inn that all were now to find their own way back, as he appeared settled over a 2nd or 3rd round. Small scouting parties then headed southish by different routes, the writer and his small band bypassing the Grouse (where a party were already insitu) to immediately come across another party heading to the same inn. Froggatt Edge followed and a descent to the Chequers and a very muddy field back to the hut in the gathering gloom.

The usual good meal followed, cooked mainly by Crowther with various helpers. The Travis Trophy took place with Crowther winning in the final for the first time, beating Syd, who somehow, once a year, becomes a demon at the arrows!