September 19th:

Lake District, Thirlmere

Following an animated discussion orchestrated  by Johnson over Saturday breakfast, Willan, Johnson and Clowes embarked on a tricky route around the vertiginous slopes adjacent to the Booths supermarket in Keswick and Portiscale café house.

Difficulty was found in resisting the club rules regarding photography and in restraining Johnson in his diversionary hobby of insulting passers-by.

Reaching the apogee of the route (see diagram above), an excellent lunch of Sidney Sandwiches were consumed in full sun, prior to the finale of effort with a couple of pints (of tea) to wash down the excellent home-made tea cake.


Due to the steepness of some of the descents, Willan sustained an ankle injury and help in the form of the No 76 bus was summoned. This allowed the whole party to gain a technical understanding  of Pendolino rail technology, given at the Lodore Falls pick up point by a Virgin Train Driver.

Stage 2 of the route was conducted at Whinlatter pass where Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Siskins dancing café girls and other modest birdlife were spotted.

Appendix 1 Johnson’s observations for collection:

1. Addressed to 2 ladies walking a Chihuahua: “That would be good for lunch"

2. To ultra-marathon runner struggling along the road, clearly in some distress: “Would you like a biscuit? Mind you I haven’t got one”.

(A pdf of Martin's report, plus elevation profile of the walk can be downloaded here)