October 18th:

We completed a 15 mile walk circumnavigating Lathkill Dale from Ashford in the Water. Unfortunately Jim, who was unable to make it, would have brought the average age below 72. I see this as a good thing; 70 is the new 50. Corduroy trousers were worn in the evening by the leader.


We met at Ashford in the Water at the allotted time of 9.30 am, a small group of diehards consisting of Martin the leader, Rod the President, Geoff, John E, Glyn and Martin C, both the latter having driven up from the south this morning – and a dull damp morning it was.

Steeply up to Sheldon and then across the fields to Monyash, where Martin C bought everybody a coffee in the pleasant café, except for John who was on dog duty outside. Then onwards to One Ash Grange, Lathkill, Over Haddon and a stop at the Lathkill Hotel at 2 pm, primarily to pick up Lionel the VP, who had been there an hour supping his Guinness and watching Ireland lose at rugby. Some sneaked sandwiches in the pub, whilst others quite rightly waited until they were outside. Fine rain now. Onward to Bakewell and a river walk back to the cars at Ashford. A fine Lancashire hotpot was cooked by Martin, to be further devoured by Hugh, George, Bryan and Ed Sampson and the three cavers who were still washing their muddy gear 2 hours after exiting Nettle.

Leaders: Martin P & Syd G