August 16th:

Undaunted by the formidable Task List the ever dependable team of Chatburn, Crowther, Eastwood, Goodier, Johnson Snr, Pierce supplemented by Hugh Cotton and his son-in-law Jim Conlon, the Hut Warden and briefly by Clowes and the Shawcross Brothers (before they disappeared on a marathon cycle trip rounds the Peak District) swung into their well-oiled routine, the wood cutters produced from an ill-assortment of wood, a neat pile of essential fuel the for the stove. The hut has been restored to looking as bright as a pin and some essential decorating was carried out, the front door now painted in evergreen neatly sums up the energy and resilience of those attending the meet.

Axel the “DIY King” restored the cutlery draw to it’s former functional self and the dormitory fire door now closes without inhibition which was but one of the many H&S tasks that were undertaken on the audit of the report scrutinised by the beady eyes of Crowther and Johnson.

The ever troubled issue of the escape ladder was given thought over the lunch break that commenced with Eastwood being presented with a candle lit chocolate cake with a suitable number of candles representing each decade of his life to celebrate his forthcoming 80th birthday.  Whether it was the beer or the chocolate, great minds were at work to devise a solution which, with the arrival of George Sampson to review the situation to sanction our proposals, we think we have a solution that will be put to the H&S Report Authors for approval.  The ladder was given a thorough testing by the Meet members and found to be robust and manageable.

Of the formidable task list two items only remain uncompleted, the new dart board surround and the reversing of the inner door of the upstairs loo.

The parking area and grass forecourt were weeded and the afternoon was rounded off by the grassed area being mowed and all refuse from the Meet removed from site.

An excellent meal for which the cycling trio arrived back for with immaculate timing  was provided by the Hut Warden with starters from Richard Harris which were suitable complemented by copious quantities of wine and beer kindly donated by thenearly Octogenarian Eastwood.

A very successful Meet for which the Club are very grateful for the efforts of the attendees of the Meet.

Leader: Lionel S