15th - 17th April:

VP MEET - Low Hall Garth

Attendees (in approximate order of seniority/status and arrival time):

Lionel Stout (President), Ed March-Shawcross, John Eastwood, Syd Goodier, Rob Peppit, Mike Peppit, Ed Sampson , Richard Harris, Richard Shawcross, Jonathon Hood, Martin Clowes (VP)

Executive Summary

This tricky-to-access-by-car hut is still a great DPC venue. Sun predominated over frost, a little snow and hail. The crystal clear air provided great views, walking and climbing in a beautiful area. Vegetarian/pescatorian food offerings were available and the conviviality was such that………ED SAMPSON HAD A PINT AND A HALF OF STOUT, (OMG!).


Syd and John Eastwood – walk down the road to Slaters Bridge and then on to east end of Busk pike. Then on the long ridge of Lingmoor Fell as far as Side Pike. From here we made a steep decent to return via the west side of Blea Tarn to the hut. We did not climb Side Pike as it was a very steep crag near the top.

Ed March Shawcross and Martin Clowes – Jacks Rake (on Pavey Ark for those who have forgotten), Harrison and Pike ‘o’ Stickles.

Food - Spicy Fava beans and rice, soup and cheese

Eastwood gave a most amusing and historic late night dissertation on club escapades to the assembled throng (– LOL!)


Stout, Harris, Hood and Clowes (the C team), managed an excellent round devised by Harris:  20.58 intended km and 1037m of ascent intended, but much more done due to a certain confusion as to who was leading this particular event and a strict adherence to Club Rules regarding looking after your fellow traveler (not). This included the achingly gorgeous, almost “Joyous” Blea Tarn, Stickle Tarn (beneath Pavey Arc), Easedale Tarn (via Beechey head), Grasmere for cream tea, a smoking-allowed mobile home in Elterwater, Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale and back to Low Hall Garth.

Climbers (The Rest) did:

Climbs on Raven Crag:

Ed Samp, Mike and Rob climbed Bilberry Buttress (VS 4c ***).

Ed March-Shawcross and Rob also did Original Route (S ***) whilst the rest of the party went to the pub as it started snowing/raining/hail stoning.

Climbs on Middlefell Buttress:

Ed March-Shawcross, Rick, Syd and John did Middlefell Buttress (D*).

The following routes were also climbed by some of the party on East Raven Crag.

Mamba (S*), Ophidia (VS 4C *), Jingo (VS 4b *), Speckled Band (VD*).

Other news

Ed Sampson found a tick the size of a sheep dropping. Rick left some of his brother’s gear behind. Rocks were hidden in numerous rucksacks. Rob got covered in window washer fluid whilst car surfing on the tow bar of Ed’s Passat down the track to the hut and... see summary!

Lunch - Kit Kat Sarnies, Pork pie, a biscuit and an orange

NB to all aspiring meet leaders Eastwood doesn’t like oranges because of the juice on his fingers.

Dinner - Salad, Fish Pie with cavallo nero, Rice pudding Cheese and Ryvita


Harris, Hood and Stout headed off for the South while all others combined to force a route up Wetherlam via Greenburn beck and Tilberthwaite miners track. The Shawcrosses 2 left early, leaving the remaining 6 to battle the sunshine, spot the mine and achieve a cold clear summit. Eastwood called to order the vacillating (i.e. oblivious to his responsibilities), VP and announced that in order to climb Wetherlam we needed to gain altitude. The profundity of this caused some mirth. However, this was soon swept away when it became apparent that there were two speed standards amongst the group and the younger team followed DPC tradition by NOT LOOKING BACK and left Goodier, Eastwood and Clowes in a B team format. The route continued around Swirl How, both Carrs, Hell Gill Pike and Wet Side before easier country led back to the hut. Peppit R was once again spotted by the B team, sitting on the fellside, phone in hand. These diverting tactics must have worked as even he finished well ahead of the B team.  

Lunch – same again with jam on.

Financial Report (compiled by Sid). Must try harder.

Food and drink = £30 approx.

Hut fees £10 per man night

Alcohol balance to DPC account at next meet (Action Shawcrosses 2)

Transport Report (5/10)

No Transport policy was issued by the meet leaders, resulting in 5 vehicles being used to transport 11 members to the meet – including Clowes driving solo from Surrey (637 miles at 70.5 mpg). Hood was commended for using train from Kent.

Health and Safety Report (4/10)

Foolishly abandoning his sticks, the safety officer fell on his side while viewing a waterfall, nearly slipping into a chasm and in future will be required to have his boots re-edged.

Peppit R has been asked for a full report on a moving tow bar risk/incident and will be required to carry a hankie next time so that the fairy liquid in the washer bottle can be readily removed from his face. Ed Shawcross is required to treat the water in his car screen washer to ensure that Legionnaires disease risks are minimised in future.

Disclaimer: The Officer had difficulty keeping up at times and this may have enabled miscreants to execute inadvertent dangerous manoeuvres which must therefore go unreported on this occasion and no responsibility can be attached to the officer on this account, see club H+S policy.