14th - 15th May:

A good weekend was forecast and it was arranged to go down Friday morning, so Mike had time off work, but unfortunately Rob couldn’t make the meet at all. The Syd mobile picked us up then drove to Bradders for Eddie Samp. It was agreed to go to the hut first, as we wanted the best beds, being quite small accommodation. It took  a bit of finding as firstly a little lane was closed but Syd was determined to plough through – but the sign was correct - it was closed. The next little lane turned out to be the wrong lane so a return of a mile or so eventually saw us on the correct little lane.

A trip to Tremadoc was obvious, so Syd and I teamed up for the classic Poor Man’s Peutery, always worth repeating, whilst Mike and Ed had their sights on harder game, Scratch Arete followed by another route which took a little finding. The top of the crag was quite vegetated which unfortunately harboured those little bastard ticks, and quite a few were removed before they managed to do their thing – or perhaps they are still doing it?

Arriving at the hut, the parking made a mockery of the 4 cars maximum, but it wasn’t long before Chris provided a good supper. Needless to say, snoring was an issue which prevented those of a more sensitive nature to gain their full 8 hours sleep. (Martin slept downstairs on a very narrow settee, but still probably had a better night than most of us, whilst Andy bivvied outside and appeared for breakfast looking like he had just done so.)

The climbers decided on the Moelwyns, I had only been there once, but Andy, Syd and Sam several times, so their enthusiasm was well justified. It was warm and sunny and some good routes were climbed. Sam didn’t have a ‘friend’ so went off by himself using his own self belaying technique which he had to explain to us several times before we got the gist of it. However, he was then invited to join up with Andy and George, so went off down the road to another crag.

A variety of routes were climbed on the main crag by all (including Kirkus Direct) and then down the roadway on a further crag climbing the excellent slab climb and descending through a tunnel, whilst Mike and Ed ventured onto a crag way down and above the car park, on something a tad harder.

The following routes were climbed:

The pub was visited again, and like yesterday a bowl of excellent chips was purchased which the President, in his gentlemanly way, muscled in and devoured.

Sunday is always a lazier day, and of course all went home apart from Syd, Geoff, Mike P and Andy. It was decided a return to walking the Moelwyns would be pleasant, whilst Mike decided he was going to do it at his own pace, and went racing off, whilst the other three ambled up the access road to the dam, and then a steady toil to a higher traversing miners track. Andy returned from here, whilst Syd, and a few minutes behind, Geoff, reached the summit … after observing a blurred passing Mike. The end to a good weekend in glorious weather.