17th January:

Six of us made it to the chapel on a snowy Sunday morning and set off into Peak. Ed managed to stack it several times on his way through the Five Arches and The Wolf apparently "touched down", which probably means face-planted in understated Syd-speak. We wallowed, cursed and crawled our way through The Trenches, Liam's Way and into Colostomy before the relief of Egnaro Aven appeared and we climbed down the ladders into the streamway. Kit was put on and Block Hall was ascended (always an impressive place and a fun ropey-dangly trip in it's own right) and we regrouped before squeezing through into The Kingdom. We headed on 'downstream' with the intention of getting to the bottom of The Moosetrap and made it as far as the third pitch before realising some idiot had forgotten to bring any hangers. So around we turned and headed back up (all the while Sam having had his barrel chest trapped in the canyon section leading to the base of the first pitch). We wazzed down the pull-thrus to the Ventilator and back out, making it back to the hut in time for the meal. Thanks to TSG Martyn for making it out from a snowy Sheffield to let us in. (Syd, Rob, Sam, Mike, McBain, Ed)

  • 3rd - Knotlow: First trip of the new year. We originally intending to have a mega wet trip own P8 but thought better of it when we realised just how mega wet it actually was, so decided on a quick trip down Knotlow. You could hear Waterfall Chamber without even lifting the lid on the engine shaft so we headed on down the climbing shaft expecting it to be wet, but probably not quite as wet as it turned out to be. There was a stream casacding down from the 2nd pitch through the workings and we arrived at the head of the waterfall pitch to find the entire floor hidden beneath a deep black lake. We decided to have look anyway, and I bobbed down to discover the coffin level heading to Fourways completely submerged, the passage heading off back under the engine shaft submerged and the whole place generally rather moist. Pointlessly down-prussiced into the water up to my waist before deciding it was pretty silly, the pool must’ve been at least 2m deep. Sam and Rob then descended to take a look for themselves. Pretty impressive (and noisy) down there when it’s wet! (Rob, Sam, Mike)

21st February:

Cavers: I. Lett, S. Goodier, R. Peppit, M. Peppit, E. Sampson

No Report

  • 4th - Streaks Pot: Digging

  • 14th - Streaks Pot: Digging

  • 20th - Streaks Pot: Digging

  • 21st - Gentlewoman's - Youds: (Ian, Syd, Rob, Ed, Mike)

    25th - Streaks Pot: Digging
  • 2nd - Streaks Pot: Digging

  • 17th - Streaks Pot: Digging

  • 19th - Carlswark: Quick trip into Carslwark before heading to the hut for food and beer. Rob and I scrambled down Eyam Dale shaft and headed off towards Big Dig. Last time we’d been down there we were doing it by candlelight, so the whole place looked quite a bit bigger today. The stream out of Big Dig was flowing and the way on through was quite a deep canal and involved a proper duck through into the section being held up by timber. Never been through when the streams actually been flowing, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see the stream thundering down John Smith passage and it made the whole trip quite sporty. We headed downstream, following the water and popped in to have a look at the gymnasium and the tube at the top. I had a half-hearted go at squeezing myself into it but decided against it, remembering John describing his struggle in getting back out of it. Took a draught though, so probably worth a proper look sometime. Down to Bed Pan sump, then up to Shag’s Sump, then out. Good trip. (Rob, Mike)
  • 16th - Moorwood Sough – Glebe – Doom: and back (Mike, Rob, Andy T, Syd, Bob G, Michael G, Matt)

  • 26th - White Rake & Merlin: Went to White Rake to check out the new lid and to see if the dig was dry. It was. Then over to Merlin to see if the handline we left the other year was still in place. It wasn't. The Streamway was sumped but we ducked through to Shag's Sump just to get wet then headed out. (Rob, Mike)

16th October:

No Report

  • 3rd - Carlswark - Merlin: Gin Entrance - Rift sump - Round Trip - Merlin - Shag's Sump - Adit (Mike, Rob, McBain Andy, Ed Samp, David)

  • 10th - Knotlow: Down climbing shaft, Waterfall Pitch, through coffin level into Crimbo Pipe, turned round and back out (Mike, Rob, McBain, David)

  • 17th - White Rake: Digging (Mike, Rob, Ed Samp, David)

  • 26th - Gautries, P8 & P7: Aborted trip to Gautries as we couldn't get the entrance passage un-sumped. Quick trip down P8 as far as the first pitch, then down P7 as far as the Wormhole (Rob, Mike, David)

  • 28th - Rob's Rift: Digging

  • 28th - Streaks: Headed down the top entrance on a solo trip to bring out an assortment of stuff we'd left down at Alex Aven last year. Items included: 1 x shovel, 20 x sandbags, 1 x garden hoe, 1 x bucket, 2 x drag trays, 4 x krabs, 1 x trowel and a 40m rope. To cut a long story short, it wasn't easy (Mike)

  • 30th - Rob's Rift: Digging
  • 1st - Jugholes: Quick trip in through the lower adit and out through the top. Down the short climb into the upper series to the bottom then back out. (Mike, Rob, McBain, David, Rachel)

  • 5th - Rob's Rift: Digging

  • 11th - Rob's Rift: Digging

  • 15th - Rob's Rift: Digging

  • 17th - Streaks: Annual Christmas Candle Cave (Mike, Ed, Rob, Sam)

  • 18th - Mystery Mine: Calver (Rob, Sam, Mike, George, McBain, Syd, David, Phil W TSG)

  • 22nd - Rob's Rift: Digging

  • 29th - JH West: Digging


17th December:

Christmas Candle Cave Part II:

After wriggling our way through the Dynamite Series with nought but candles last year, we decided to go for something a little wetter to make things a bit more interesting. Seeing as we've done Streaks at least 40 times, we guessed we could probably do it with our eyes closed - or at least with only being able to see 1m in front of our face with a candle.

The four of us met at the hut, got changed, compared candle carrying contraptions (Ed won) and got a lift up to the bend in Rob's van. It was difficult enough getting up the hill to the top entrance, I'd gone for the glass jar approach and holding it out in front of you meant all you could see was the candle - and nothing else. It felt a little hairy traversing over the pitch, not really seeing where your feet were going, but once on the handline, the slide down the rift was no problem. Down through the choke, the squeeze and into the streamway - which was flowing but reasonably low, and out through Nervous Breakdown for a quick regroup. The candles were working well, except Sam's, which by now kept going out, meaning he did quite a bit of the section through to Donkey Dong and beyond with no light at all. It was a bit of a squeeze getting Sam's barrel out through the lower entrance and apart from Rob accidentally riding the lid down onto the road - everything went pretty well. Quick change and off to The Moon, where Glyn, Glyn and Glenn (it was just as confusing at the time) joined us for food. (Mike, Rob, Ed, Sam)