17th January:

Six of us made it to the chapel on a snowy Sunday morning and set off into Peak. Ed managed to stack it several times on his way through the Five Arches and The Wolf apparently "touched down", which probably means face-planted in understated Syd-speak. We wallowed, cursed and crawled our way through The Trenches, Liam's Way and into Colostomy before the relief of Egnaro Aven appeared and we climbed down the ladders into the streamway. Kit was put on and Block Hall was ascended (always an impressive place and a fun ropey-dangly trip in it's own right) and we regrouped before squeezing through into The Kingdom. We headed on 'downstream' with the intention of getting to the bottom of The Moosetrap and made it as far as the third pitch before realising some idiot had forgotten to bring any hangers. So around we turned and headed back up (all the while Sam having had his barrel chest trapped in the canyon section leading to the base of the first pitch). We wazzed down the pull-thrus to the Ventilator and back out, making it back to the hut in time for the meal. Thanks to TSG Martyn for making it out from a snowy Sheffield to let us in. (Syd, Rob, Sam, Mike, McBain, Ed)

Photos: Rob P